Saturday, April 21, 2012

Trixbox + CUCM + Exchange UM + SP3102 + SRP527W Part 1

I have setup the voice network @home as per below picture

As you can see, there are a lot of SIP trunks between them. I will try to put the configuration for each of them

Exchange UM - CUCM

For Exchange UM and CUCM connection configuration, just follow the document published by Microsoft:

The following is the CUCM Media Resource Group

The following is the CUCM Media Resource Group List

The following is the CUCM Configuration for the SIP Trunk to Exchange UM (e.g. mx01.domain.local), use the Media Resource Group List created above

CUCM - Trixbox

Create a new SIP Trunk Security Profile

Create a SIP trunk from CUCM to Trixbox, use the SIP Trunk Security Profile created above

Create a new Route Group

Create a new Route List

Create a new Route Pattern

I have extension 1499 and 1500 for Exchange UM Pilot and Auto Attendant respectively

I created a Route Pattern for default route to Trixbox when dial starts with 9. I also do exactly the same Route Pattern to the default route when dial starts with 0. The purpose for this is to use VOIP when dial with 9 and to use PSTN when dial with 0 first (configuration later on Trixbox)

Trixbox - CUCM

To be continue...


Unknown said...

Thank for the info. It was very useful. But i have a problem here: I set a trunk between my trixbox and my CUCM and it works just fine within my LAN. But if I try to make any outbound calls from my Trixbox, It doesn´t work. Do you think u can help me out here?

#LL said...

can you post your outbound trunk configuration on Trixbox?