Tuesday, December 27, 2005

New Year System Change

Year 2006!! I've just rebuild our domain controller (W2k3 + SP1) and Exchange 2003 + SP2. It broke account trust with the other Samba boxes - I need to rejoin the Linuxes to the new AD.

Redefine DNS, DHCP, DFS

Mail forwarding : ISP->Fetchmail->Postfix->Exchange is still working like a charm!
Proxy: Squid works fine

Problems with my profiles using roaming profiles. Eventhough the profile is stored on the server, but some configurations for a particular application was still missing. My site configuration is gone from Dreamweaver 8!! I believe they stored the configuration somewhere in registry.

Office needs to be re-install as when I started the Outlook, it needs to find a CAB file from local cache which does not exist anymore. I need to help from LISTOOL to delete the local cache files and diable local caching for Office installation.