Monday, February 24, 2014

Java 7 Update 45 Security Warning Workaround

I am sure you have seen this warning message from Java:

Basically you need to click "I Accept..." and Run button to continue with your broken Java application. The worst thing is that, even you accept and terms and click Run every time this happens, some times it still does not want to run the Java application

This behaviour starts happening if you have Java 7 Update 45 installed.

There are work arounds obviously, first you can downgrade your Java to version before Update 45.
Or your can disable Java cache on your endpoint, by going:

In windows:
  1. Control Panel
  2. Java
  3. General Tab
  4. Temporary Internet File
  5. Settings button
  6. List item
  7. New Dialog : Temporary Files Settings dialog
  8. Disable the option : keep temporary files on my computer.