Thursday, September 06, 2007

BackupExec 11d - GRT Backup for Exchange 2003

BackupExec 11d has a new feature called GRT - Granular Restore Technology - which allows you to restore emails at the brick level with Information Store backup only!

This is very exciting for most of us who know how painful is doing brick level backup, especially the time it takes.

Now Veritas with its BackupExec product has a great solution for us. This blog will show you a very quick way to make this happen. Of course you can do more tweaking:

1st step - very obvious, install your BackupExec Server

2nd step - once you have finished installing the BackupExec server - install the remote agent to your exchange server

3rd step - Create a backup selection list and choose the Information Store you'd like to backup


4rd step - Create backup-to-disk folder, this to store the backup files


5th step - Create a backup job with the selection list created on the 3rd step, use the backup-to-disk folder as the device and make sure on the Microsoft Exchange settings, tick the checkbox 'Enable the restore of individual mail messages and folders from Information Store backups'



6th step - create an Active Directory account for doing the backup. Make sure this account is mailbox enabled (send a test email to this account to trigger the mailbox creation after the AD account has been created). Run the BackupExec services using this account and use this account for the logon account that runs the backup and restore. Finally, assign this account as a local administrator of the exchange server and delegate this account as an Exchange administrator

Good luck! and I'll be posting again with Exchange 2007 backup