Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Citrix PS or XenApp Data Store Move - Domain Service Account

To move Citrix SQL data store from one server to another and using domain service account rather than SQL built-in account, follow the process below

  • Stop IMA services from all Citrix servers
  • Backup the database from the source SQL server
  • Restore the database to the destination SQL server
  • Add the domain service account to the SQL server and assign dbo rights to the database that just been restored
  • Edit the MF20.DSN file on each Citrix Server and make sure the following value exist
  • Save the MF20.DSN file
  • Run the following command
dsmaint config /user:DOMAIN\USERNAME /pwd:PASSWORD /dsn:"FULL-PATH-TO-MF20.DSN FILE"

Note: /dsn: requires double quote ""

Then run this:

dsmaint recreatelhc

Then Start the IMA Service