Sunday, August 05, 2012

App-V SQL Move Error 0000C800

Recently I just moved App-V SQL Database from one to the other. I use the following procedures:

However, when trying to open the management console, I got the error code: 0000C800
One of the troubleshooting I have done was changing the UDL file and test connection was working, however the error persists.

It ended up I have to do the followings:

  • Open the SftMgmt.udl file from the Notepad
  • Copy the content of the file
  • Rename the SftMgmt.udl file to SftMgmt.udl.old
  • Create a new file using Notepad
  • Paste the connection string to the newly created file and modify the connection string to use the new SQL name
  • Save as the file to SftMgmt.udl
  • DO NOT open this newly created file. Try to open the management console again, if that works, job is done!