Sunday, April 08, 2012

FreeNAS 8 and Time Machine

I have just finished setting up the FreeNAS 8 on Hyper-V to backup my MAC using Time Machine.

Tricky bits settings up FreeNAS 8 on Hyper-V:

  • Remove the default NIC when creating VM
  • Add a new NIC, must be legacy NIC
  • FreeNAS 8 does not recognize SCSI disks, only IDE
  • After installed, change the IP to static
  • do: ifconfig to find out the adapter name
  • do: ifconfig down
  • do: ifconfig up

Once the FreeNAS is up and running, go to its web console:
  • Create a group called: backup-group
  • Create a user called: backup-user, with primary group ID: backup-group, enter the password
  • Go to Services, enable AFP
  • Go to AFP Settings, make sure Local Access is ticked
  • Go to Storage, and Create ZFS Data Set, called backup-apple
  • Once it is created, edit its permissions, make sure owner-user is changed to backup-user and owner-group is changed to backup-group. Tick the option to have the Group the write access
  • Go to Share, add Apple Share. Name it backup, path: /mnt/data/backup-apple. Make sure the Disk Discovery is ticked, Disk Discovery Mode is set to Time Machine
From my MAC, start Finder:
  • Click Go, and select Connect to Server
  • Enter Server Address: afp://freenas-ip
  • It will ask you for the username: backup-user, password: password
  • Start Console, type:defaults write TMShowUnsupportedNetworkVolumes 1
  • Start Time Machine and Select Disk, select the backup

Thanks for reading :)

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Tom said...

Works great! Thank you.