Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Cisco 4500 Series Switch Software Upgrade

Just got a pair of Cisco 4500 series switches with dual sup 7E. Needed to be upgraded to the latest IOS version.

Here are the steps to upgrade it:

  • Copy the .bin file from the TFTP server to both Sups (Active and Standby)
          copy source_device:source_filename bootflash:target_filename
          copy source_device:source_filename slavebootflash:target_filename
  • Change the boot system command
    no boot system flash bootflash:c6msfc2-jsv-mz.121-8a.E5
    wr mem

    boot system flash bootflash:c6msfc2-jsv-mz.121-8a.E6
    wr mem

  • Change the config register
    config-register 0x2102
    wr mem

  • Reload the Standby Sup
          redundancy reload peer
  • Failover the Sup
          redundancy force-switchover