Monday, September 20, 2010

Import SSL Certificate to Citrix Netscaler

I use the following method to import SSL Certificate to Citrix Netscaler:
  • Find any Windows 2003 with IIS installed. Generate a CSR from this machine
  • Submit this CSR to your CA to get the private key of it
  • Import this private key to your IIS again
  • Export the certificate both public and private keys as a pfx file
  • Import this .pfx file to the Netscaler, it will generate a new file
  • Open this new file, it should have 2 sections, public and private sections
  • Create 2 new files, one for the public and one for the private section
  • Upload these 2 new files to the Netscaler (you can delete the .pfx and the generated file from Netscaler if you want to)
  • From Netscaler, add a new SSL certificate
  • Give a name to the new Certificate
  • Select the public certificate for the Certificate File Name
  • Select the private certificate for the Private File Name
  • You can use the SSL certificate now with CAG

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Linux History Bash

To check the login history:
# last

To clear out the login history:
# > /var/log/wtmp

To check the last command run:
# history

To clear out the command history:
# history -c