Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Exchange 2007 Restore

Had to restore someone else mailbox today - using NetBackup 7.

Steps involved:
  • Create the Recovery Storage Group
  • Restore the Storage Group that has the database of the mailbox to be restored to the Recovery Storage Group
  • Mount the database in that Recovery Storage Group
  • Create an empty mailbox (AD User + Mailbox)
  • Restore the mailbox to the new mailbox

Restore-Mailbox -RSGMailbox 'Doe, John' -RSGDatabase 'Recovery Storage Group\Mailbox Database 01' -id 'new mailbox' -TargetFolder 'myFolder'


Dennis said...

Laurence, where did you create the Recovery Storage Group? Running Exch 2010 and backing up with NetBackup 7.1. I'm assuming you created in within Exchange considering the PS command you ran. Although, there isn't anywhere that I could see that you would be able to create a storage group within Exchange. Did you create another mailbox database, perhaps?

#LL said...

Dennis, the recovery storage group is created within the Exchange itself. You can use PShell or using the GUI Toolbox option to create it