Sunday, February 07, 2016

UNIX Screen - Split Screen

You can do it in screen the terminal multiplexer.
  • To split vertically: ctrla then |.
  • To split horizontally: ctrla then S (uppercase one).
  • To un-split: ctrla then Q (uppercase one).
  • To switch from one to the other: ctrla then tab
Note: After splitting, you need to go into the new region and start a new session via ctrla then c before you can use that area.
EDIT, basic screen usage:
  • New terminal: ctrla then c.
  • Next terminal: ctrla then space.
  • Previous terminal: ctrla then backspace.
  • N'th terminal ctrla then [n](works for n∈{0,1…9})
  • Switch between terminals using list: ctrla then " (useful when more than 10 terminals)
  • Send ctrla to the underlying terminal ctrla then a.

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