Wednesday, March 25, 2015

VMware VCAP5-DCA Passed

Today I sat on the exam for VCAP5-DCA. Before the exam, I was googling the Internet for the experience and everyone says time management is the main issue. You know what? They all are right! It was 23 questions for 180 minutes.

I was struggling to answer the questions to the last seconds!

I was skipping the questions that I thought was going to take a while and marked the question number on the plastic paper provided and went back to them later. I did the easy one first until the end and got back to the question numbers I marked on the paper.

The blueprint spots on, I was asked about:

  • Distributed vSwitch, Static vSwitch
  • vCO
  • PowerCLI
  • HA
  • DRS
  • SNMP
  • SATP
  • SSL Certificate
  • Traffic Blocking
  • SSO
  • Users, Groups and Roles
  • Performance Graphs
  • vSphere Replication
  • and much more :)
To be honest, it was stressing exam. You were given scenario and you need to follow the instruction. The stress bit for me is that after you do it, you are not sure whether or not you did it correctly. 

I finished the test at 4PM and was told that it is going to take 15 business days to get the result. I got the email result at 4:30PM! and I PASSED!!! with the score 403

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