Thursday, December 18, 2014

XenDesktop 7.5 Publish Application to Multiple Delivery Group

Recently I deployed XenApp/XenDesktop 7.5 environment with StoreFront 2.5. By default, using the GUI console, it only allows you to publish an application to a single Delivery Group.

If you have 4 servers and 2 delivery groups, and in each delivery group, 2 servers are registered, with this configuration in mind, you can only publish a particular application to a single delivery group, which equals to 2 servers only.

There was a requirement to be able to publish an application to all the 4 servers within 2 delivery groups. Apparently this is not possible using the GUI console.

However, using PowerShell you can !

You publish the application to the 1st delivery group using the GUI console, then you publish to the 2nd delivery group using the following

Add-BrokerApplication -Name "My Published App" -DesktopGroup "Delivery Group 2"

Note: There is a bug with this, which I believe is fixed with 7.6. The bug is if you were assigning a user to only a single delivery group, that user won't be able to see any of published application assigned to him/her. The user must be assigned to both delivery group.

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