Wednesday, July 16, 2014

PowerShell Module Quick Rundown

Yes, you have created PowerShell Script. But you better off converting your PowerShell script to a PowerShell Module.

To create a module, first you need to convert your script to a function. Test the function and when you are ready:

(optional) - Export Function to be exposed to the public
add the following line to the end of your PowerShell Script File
Export-ModuleMember -Function <Function Name>

Save the file as <ModuleName>.psm1
Note: <ModuleName> is the module name

Get the PS Module path

Go to the PS Module Path
Create a folder EXACTLY the same name with <ModuleName>
Store the <ModuleName>.psm1 to the PS Module Path folder created

Check the Module is now available
Get-Module -ListAvailable

Import Module
Import-Module <ModuleName>

To view command available in the module
Get-Command -Module <ModuleName>

(optional) - To Create Manifest
New-ModuleManifest -Path <Path to the .psd1 new manifest file> -FunctionsToExport <Name of functions to be exported> -Author <Author Name> -CompanyName <Company> - Copyright <Copyright> -ModuleVersion <version#> -Description <Module Description>

Note: Path must be the same location where the actual module file (.psm1) is located

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