Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Exchange ExMon

Exchange ExMon tool is an awesome tool! by using this tool, for each user session, you can view
  • Number of packets
  • Number of operations
  • CPU Time
  • CPU %
  • Avg and Max Server latency
  • Bytes In and Out
  • Client Version and IP Address
  • Read, PreRead and Dirtied Pages
  • Log Bytes
The Log Bytes information is particularly very helpful if you want to find out who is filling up your Exchange Server Logs

The program can be downloaded from here

Sometime when you run it, it crashes :) and if you try to run it again, you will get the following error:

Then you should do the followings:

Open the Command Prompt and type in:

logman query -ets

As you can see in the picture above, the last line is: Exchange Event Trace
You need to stop this trace, by typing:

logman stop "Exchange Event Trace" -ets

Then you can run the ExMon again.


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