Sunday, December 20, 2009

Exchange 2010 Migration - Part 6

To uninstall the existing Exchange 2007 mailbox role, the public folder database of it has to be removed

Part 6 - Exchange 2007 Public Folder Removal

1 x Exchange 2007 SP2 (Mailbox)
1 x Exchange 2010 (CAS, Hub and UM)
1 x Exchange 2010 (Mailbox)

Move all the replica from the 2007 to 2010. From the Mailbox server of 2007, run this command:

[PS] MoveAllReplicas.ps1 -server -NewServer

Then try to remove the Public Folder database from the Exchange 2007. You might get the following error:

Object is read only because it was created by a future version of Exchange ...

If you do, you need to run the following PS from the Exchange 2010:

[PS] C:\>Remove-PublicFolderDatabase -Identity "\Second Storage Group\Public Folder Database"

If the removal is done, you can start deleting the Storage Group and uninstall the Exchange 2007 Mailbox role

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