Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Blackberry Pearl 8100 + Bluetooth + NextG Telstra

Ever wondering how to use your Telstra NextG Blackberry Pearl on your laptop as a wireless modem? read on...

first, turn on the bluetooth on your blackberry and make is discoverable
turn on the bluetooth on your laptop and search for your blackberry

set your laptop connection on your blackberry as a trust connection

your laptop should detect the blackberry as a modem

go to control panel, go to phones and modem, find the new modem of your blackberry
go to its properties, click on advanced and put the following:


if you are using Telstra use the APN of Telstra which is: telstra.internet, otherwise, you need to find out from your service provider

create a dial up connection, use that modem - no username and password needed
the number to dial is: *99#

dial and connect!

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