Thursday, December 13, 2007

BartPE with USB key

I've got this working finally - install BartPE to USB key. With additional plugins, this helps a lot when you want to 'ghost' and doing other stuff

Buy a USB flash disk > 1 GB

Download the latest BartPE - link

Install BartPE, e.g. C:\bartpe

Download Windows 2003 SP1 - link

Extract the Windows 2003 SP1 to temp folder:
w2k3sp1.exe -x, e.g. c:\temp

Create a folder in the bartpe:

Copy the extracted files to the srsp1 folders:
copy c:\temp\i386\setupldr.bin c:\bartpe\srsp1

Expand ramdisk.sys file
expand -r c:\temp\i386\ramdisk.sy_ c:\bartpe\srsp1

Build your BartPE as normal, use the Windows 2003 + SP1 CD as the source files and you must output the file to "BartPE" folder. You do not need to generate ISO file. You might want to add plugins, and drivers before you build this

To format and build the image to the USB Drive - Z: - (first time only):
pe2usb -f Z:

If you do not want to format, just run:
pe2usb Z:

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