Saturday, June 10, 2006

Automatic Outlook Profile Generator With Multiple Exchange Servers

Have you ever encountered about making an automatic Outlook profile for your users with PRF file? How about if you have multiple Exchange servers accross diffirent sites? and publish it on your Citrix Presentation Server? It's fun...

Ok, let's started:
  • Generating PRF file
Download the Office 2003 Resource Kit - microsoft
Install and run Custom Installation Wizard
Choose Outlook Customize Default Profile
Configure the profile based on your Exchange server information
For each of your Exchange Server - generate the profile
  • Find the user mailbox
To find where the mailbox of the user based on username only, we need VBScript to help us - UserMailbox.vbs

optional - if you want to rename the profile name of the Outlook, use this VBScript to change the profile name (PRF File) - prfMod.vbs
  • Publish on Citrix
To publish the Outlook, instead of publishing the Outlook.exe, you need to publish a batch script which uses the VBScripts above and import the PRF file if the user profile does not exist - UserMailbox.bat

Have fun!


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