Friday, April 07, 2006

Windows Event Triggers email notification

Tired of watching your Windows server event log? try with this VB Script to send email notification once Windows writes event to its event log.

How to setup the event triggers to notify you by email
1. Modify the eventSystemError.vbs and eventApplicationError.vbs script to suit your need (e.g. Computer name and email address )
2. Put your scripts on any folder (e.g. c:\tools )
3. Create the eventtriggers with the following syntax:

This will create eventtriggers called System Error, monitor the system log for any error and run the event.vbs
eventtriggers /create /tr "System Error" /l system /t error /tk c:\tools\eventSystemError.vbs

This will create eventtriggers called Application Error, monitor the application log for any error and run the eventSystemError.vbs
eventtriggers /create /tr "Application Error" /l application /t error /tk c:\tools\eventApplicationError.vbs

4. Please refer to this website if you need more options (e.g. domain\username authentication):



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